Ayatickets is committed to enhancing your event experience, whether you’re an attendee looking for the next big event or an organizer wanting to spread the word about your event. Our latest feature—the Embedded Link—aims to do just that, making sharing events more accessible and effective than ever!

Where to Find It?

The new Embedded Link feature can be found at the bottom of any event page. Just scroll down to ‘Share Options,’ and you’ll find it there, ready to be used.

How Does It Work?

Customize: Before generating the link, you can customize the appearance to fit your specific needs. This includes adjusting dimensions, text color, background color, and layout.
Generate Code: Once you’ve made your customizations, hit the ‘Generate Iframe Code’ button.
Copy and Share: After generating, you’ll get an iFrame code. Copy this code and paste it into your website or blog to share the event with your audience.

Why Use the Embedded Link Feature?

Effortless Sharing: With just a few clicks, you can embed the event on your own website or blog.
Increased Visibility: For organizers, this means that your event can be featured on multiple platforms, increasing its visibility and potentially boosting ticket sales.
Convenience: For attendees, it means easier access to event details, right from their favorite blogs or websites.
A Step Forward

The Embedded Link feature is a step towards making Ayatickets the most user-friendly and efficient event ticketing platform in Ghana. We’re excited for you to try it out and to hear your feedback.



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