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Accra Lawtech Hangout: A Fusion of Law, Technology, and Networking

Be part of the future of law and technology at the Accra Lawtech Hangout. Connect with leaders in legal tech, engage in vibrant discussions, and expand your professional network in Ghana’s vibrant tech and legal community

MOSAIC 2023: The Digital Tapestry of African Creativity

Step into MOSAIC 2023, where podcasts come alive, music flows, and community bonds. It’s not just an event; it’s a cultural symposium for the African digital soul. Join us through Ayatickets and be a part of the story.

Unveiling Serallio BYOB: The Ultimate Party Experience in Osu

Serallio BYOB is not just another party; it’s a rave that offers a unique vibe with its in-house DJs, MCs, and engaging crowd. Hosted at the popular Serallio venue in Osu, the event allows you to bring your own bottle, ensuring a cost-effective yet exhilarating experience. With a mix of Afrobeats, Dancehall, and Hip-Hop, there’s something for every party-goer. Get your tickets now via Ayatickets and let’s make it a night to remember!

Tommy WÁ Live

Tommy WÁ Live

Ayatickets is thrilled to announce a musical experience that promises to captivate and resonate...

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