In the age of digital everything, one might be forgiven for assuming that the charm of the physical ticket has faded into obscurity. Yet, contrary to this notion, there are myriad reasons why event organizers continue to choose printed tickets for their gatherings. Not only do they carry an air of nostalgia, but there are a number of practical and strategic benefits they offer.

If you’re an event organizer debating the merits of printed tickets, or if you’re just curious, read on to discover why this tangible memento is making a comeback.

1. Tangible Memories

In an age of digital photos and online calendars, physical tickets serve as keepsakes. Attendees often cherish these tickets, pinning them to bulletin boards, sticking them in scrapbooks, or simply saving them as mementos of memorable nights out.

2. Security and Authenticity

Despite advancements in digital ticketing security, counterfeit digital tickets are still a menace. Physical tickets can incorporate a variety of security measures, such as holograms, watermarks, and specialized inks, making them much harder to replicate.

3. A Personal Touch

Handing over a physical ticket can add a touch of class and personalization. It allows event organizers to make a direct connection with their attendees, fostering a more intimate event experience.

4. Offline Sales Opportunities

Not everyone is online, and not every event is best advertised on digital platforms. Physical tickets allow organizers to tap into offline distribution channels, like local stores, cafes, or through street teams.

5. Enhanced Branding

Physical tickets can be designed to align perfectly with the branding of the event or the organizer. The quality of paper, design, and even the feel of the ticket can communicate the essence of the event long before it starts.

6. Networking and Sponsorships

Back of the ticket space can be utilized for promotions, advertisements, or even sponsorships. It’s an additional opportunity for organizers to monetize or create strategic partnerships.

7. Technological Challenges

Not all venues are equipped with the technology required for scanning digital tickets. In such cases, physical tickets remain the most viable option

For those times when a physical ticket is the preferred choice, remember that getting them printed needn’t be a chore. Ayatickets is here to make the process seamless. Whether you need a unique design, enhanced security features, or just want to capture the elegance of your event on paper, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us directly and let’s bring your tickets to life.

The resurgence of the physical ticket isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s about practicality, brand enhancement, and creating memorable experiences. So the next time you’re planning an event, consider going tangible. Your attendees might just thank you for it.

FAQs: Understanding Costs for Printing Physical Tickets & More

Is there a fee for printing physical tickets?

Yes, there is a fee associated with printing physical tickets.

How is the cost for printing determined?

The printing cost primarily depends on the quantity of physical tickets you require.

Can I do the printing myself


You’re welcome to handle the printing independently. Ayatickets will only bill you for the software costs associated with ticket generation. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this further when you reach out to us.

Are there standard design sizes for the tickets?

Yes, we do have standard artwork designs ticket sizes.

For optimal outcomes, organizers should submit artwork designs in one of the following recommended sizes:

– 2560 x 1096px
– 1709 x 809px
– 1208 x 606px
– 410 x 194px


Please submit artwork in the following formats: .jpeg, .jpg, or .png.

Ensure your design is complete as shown above and refrain from including a QR code in it.

What options do I have for ticket design?

Yes, You can provide your own design or collaborate with our team for a bespoke ticket design tailored to your event’s theme. For Example

MOSAIC Ticket Design (410 × 194px)

What is size of the physical ticket itself ?

After the printing process is completed, the physical hard copy of the design will measure 14.5cm in width and 4.9cm in height.


Are there any additional charges?

Yes, apart from the printing cost, there’s a fee for the technology and services provided by Ayatickets.

Is the price negotiable?

The cost is negotiable. We encourage you to get in touch with the Ayatickets team to discuss specific pricing and potential discounts based on your needs.

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