According to a 2018 survey by EventMB, 66% of event professionals consider email marketing to be the most effective channel to promote an event. Not only is it cost-effective and convenient, but email campaigns are also easy to measure and analyze. Then there’s the fact that emails come in quite handy when you have to engage attendees, be it before or after the event. In this post, we list seven emails that you should absolutely send attendees before your event to interest, engage, and inform them.

The “We’re hosting an event” email

Most event organizers already have a list of prospective attendees. They might be customers, past attendees, or leads they collected elsewhere. Convincing these people to attend your event is a lot easier than convincing someone completely new to your organization and event. So send an email to all the people you know to inform them about your event.

This email should include all essential event information like the event name, date, and location and have a link to your event website where they can get more details like the agenda and event activities. Also, if you think these people need a little extra to convert into attendees, you can give them a promo code to use at the time of registration. Some event management platforms even allow you to add specific guests to a promo code to make it more secure.

The “We’ve got an offer for you” email

A lot of times, you’ll get prospects through social media promotions or other campaigns. Then there are people who start the registration process only to abandon it halfway. In such cases, a small nudge is all they need to register for the event. It can be as simple as informing them about your early bird pricing or giving them discounts or event swag. If you’re having giveaways or providing discounts on group tickets, you can inform them about that too.

The “We’re happy to have you join us” email

In most cases, your event management or ticketing software has this email covered. They’ll send a rote, automated email to attendees once they register for your event. While on paper this does the job of giving attendees key information about the event, a personalized email would do so much better here. For one thing, you can customize the email to highlight your organization’s brand.  You can also use this email to announce something exciting like a contest or direct attendees to your event app or online community.

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