Marketing Tools & Resources!

Unlock the full potential of your event with Ayatickets’ array of marketing tools tailored for our amazing event organizers in Ghana. Dive in and explore all the resources we offer — all with a touch of fun and flair

We’ve Got You Covered

Ayatickets Studio

Boost your event’s visibility with our pre-designed layouts. Insert your event info and artwork, and voilà! Ready-made promotional content awaits you. Share away on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other platforms.

Senddip Email Marketing

Elevate your reach with our seamless email marketing solution. Import event details and stats from your Ayatickets dashboard to Senddip and kickstart your campaign. Awaiting feedback from attendees? Use Senddip to make it a breeze.

Sesi - One-stop Digital Marketing Solution!

Get more than just a link with Sesi. Whether it’s a catchy bio link, a neat URL shortener, or the brilliance of an AI writer, Sesi has it all and then some.

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SikaKasa Invoicing

Billing made stylish and straightforward. Ensure smooth transactions and billing with our tailored invoicing solution, SikaKasa.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Unlock exclusive features with our premium options tailored for event enthusiasts. Email Marketing Software, URL Shortner and Boi Links and many more. All available for free to Ayatickets Organizers.

Seamless Ticketing, Unforgettable Events

Revolutionize Your Event with Ayatickets: Smart Ticketing, Stellar Experiences. Effortlessly manage your event, monitor ticket sales, and get real-time data with our organizer app.


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